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  1. Monica

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that there is a new club for all born Aug. 2 (search for “august 2nd birthday club”).

  2. Kimit Muston

    Thanks, Neil. Well made argument and the details of Coswell’s second life are fascinating, and important. But then I had to end the story somewhere. As to your criticism of my comparisons of Fox with the smear machines of Federalist America, I disagree. It is an old media standard approach, and always in vogue, if not always admitted. And while I appreciate your support for Mr. Croswell, I look at him with a more jaded and forgiving eye. When he was a Federalist attack dog, he was a good one. When he was a minister, he was a good one. Not many of us will leave behind that positive a record on both sides of the moral divide between politics and morality. I would like to have known Mr Coswell, and I hope that came through in my blog. Thanks for writing, and for reading.
    Kimit Muston

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